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I was seen by Newscan. I am atopic and have been off steroids for 2 years now.
I ate as much good food as I could and tried everything, but it didn't get better and I ended up here.

I had a bit of a strong reaction after the treatment, probably because I had everything done, including detoxification.
I did not feel that anxious about it because I was told about it beforehand.
I drink the water you gave me every day because it is not far from my house in Okayama to the store ^^.

The skin around my neck and décolleté started to peel off and became very itchy.
I am enduring it for now because the skin seems to gradually clean up after it itches for a while.

I receive regular communications from the store, so I feel like I'm not detoxing alone, but that I'm being looked after together with them.