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I was not at all interested in vibrations or spirituality, in fact, I didn't trust them very much.
My wife recommended that I see her at NuScan.

From childhood to adulthood, I had been going to the ENT all my life and had allergic rhinitis and hay fever.
As an adult, my hay fever symptoms have subsided considerably, but the mucous membrane of my nose itself has always been weak, and I would catch a cold easily or get acute sinusitis.
I was still under the care of an otolaryngologist.

I had a newscan and it was right about what was wrong with my body.
I had a therapy session, but I didn't really feel it and couldn't decide at the time if it was really good for my body.

Later, I had the opportunity to have another focused therapy session.
After about 30 minutes of work on my nasal passages, I felt that my runny nose had stopped.
Since then, I don't feel as skeptical as I did at first, and I can feel that something is changing in my body little by little.