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    I was surprised and amused that I could see my current state through the monitor when I took the Newscan for the first time.
    I was able to receive a thorough therapy and my body was lighter than when I came.


      The God Cleaner gradually changes the color of the water and it is easy to see that it is detoxifying the body.
      I would like to receive it regularly as maintenance.
      I will gradually make improvements (lifestyle) from what I can do.
      I enjoyed the therapy while talking with you. Thank you very much.


        The God Cleaner really made me feel refreshed, lightened and very relaxed afterwards.
        Thank you very much.


          It was great to know who I am now through the voice scan.
          It was different from what I had thought and I will be more conscious of it from now on.
          I hope I can be more conscious of my own personality and confidence.


            I was surprised to see the color changing and a lot of garbage floating around.
            Even if I take care of my diet and lifestyle, it accumulates.
            I would like to do regular maintenance.


              I could see and feel how much floating debris had accumulated.
              I was able to see and feel how much floating debris had accumulated.
              After the treatment, my legs felt warmer and lighter.
              Thank you very much.


                The God Cleaner produced a lot of waste even on the first try!
                It was scary powerful! I would ask for it again.


                  Amazing how your voice can show who you are now!
                  It was interesting to see the similarities I was aware of with my son, and how they showed up on the graphs!
                  I thought it would be a good reference for my career path.

                    I was surprised at how much you can learn about a person's personality just from their voice.
                    Once again, I felt that vibrations affect places and people.


                      I was interested in foot detox, so I came to the salon today looking forward to it.
                      As a result, I was able to detoxify a lot (heavy metals, etc.) from my feet. I would like to continue the foot detox from time to time!


                        I first experienced the God Cleaner at the recommendation of a friend.
                        I was surprised that I had a lot of toxins in my body because I got great color the first time.
                        I would like to detoxify my body regularly.

                          Feet feel lighter.


                            It felt good.
                            I could visually see the change of 6 > 5 > 4, and I felt better after returning home.
                            I was very satisfied because I could have a good experience for a while.
                            I am very satisfied because I can have a good experience for a while.
                            Thank you!


                              I have atopic dermatitis and low metabolism, so I was worried about detoxification. However, I was relieved to see that I was able to detoxify my body properly from the very first session.
                              I would like to continue going to your clinic in the future. Thank you very much.


                                Glad I found it right away. Keep up the good work and keep up the good work.
                                Glad it was close by.


                                  This is the first time I have had a Newscan.
                                  It was good to know in detail about my own condition.
                                  The therapy was also very detailed, and the advice given was easy to understand.
                                  I would like to take the scan regularly.
                                  Thank you very much.


                                    It was a lot of fun.
                                    You never know what you don't know.
                                    I will come back again.


                                    I was happy.


                                      I was really detoxed.
                                      I was happy.


                                        I can see my body's condition on the screen as well.
                                        I think I now know how to face myself from now on.
                                        First of all, I would like to be in good physical condition for a month.
                                        It was also good that I was able to take the class while relaxing.
                                        Thank you very much.


                                          At first I was worried that it would come out, but I was very happy that it did.
                                          I thought detox was important.