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Feet feel lighter.


It feels completely different from Western medicine, and I know what's wrong with my body.
It is a strange feeling, but I think it was good.


Normally in this world, I would have to find out what is wrong with me or find a cure, but if I think that everything is connected and affected, this new scan makes sense to me.
All I have to do is to be comfortable while they are looking at me, so I will do as they say. Thank you very much.


I had never heard of a machine called a "Newscan" before and thought it sounded interesting, so I took it.
I myself don't feel anything wrong with my body, nor do I have any problems.

After completing the research, I was told that I was in good health, which is rare for a store owner to say...
I honestly wasn't too sure what I was feeling after the therapy.

I usually wake up once to use the restroom, but I was able to sleep without waking up, and I felt that my sleep was getting deeper.
Now my whole family sleeps on the ground sheets.


I had atopic dermatitis as a child and thought I was cured, but after giving birth, it came back.
I have changed to a healthier diet and refrained from medication.

I had received Metatron, but I didn't really feel it in my body.
Then, I first heard about NuScan and had a checkup.

I don't know if it was the menu or the adjustments at the time, but I had an itch that made it hard for me to sleep, but I was happy to be able to sleep that day and simply thought it was amazing. Now, I have been taking the Newscan regularly.