Inside the Detox Salon

This page introduces the inside of Happy Consciousness. Even in the urban environment of Tennoji, Osaka, we have made every effort to make our customers feel as relaxed as possible by using essential oils and earth sheets.

About our salon's equipmentAs of June 2021

1 unit
1 unit
Artemisia Steamer
1 unit
1 unit

Detox salon where you can relax with the smell of aroma
Upgraded in January 2023 to even more spacious rooms!

Detox Salon Atmosphere

We have remodeled the area where the bran used to be and the salon room is much larger.
We have also prepared a relaxing environment for each menu, whether you would like a new-can or a God Cleaner.

New headrests are available on the comfortable sofa.
LCD monitor installed, easy to see the new scan!

Easy-to-understand room for comfortable newscanning.

Newscan can make you feel a bit sleepy, although this varies from person to person as you do your research and therapy.
It is easy to leave your head when you feel sleepy like that.

We have also heard that some people find it difficult to understand the explanation of Newscan, so we have prepared a monitor screen to make it easier for you to see.
We have prepared a monitor screen to make it easier for you to see the changes and explanations of the therapy while watching the screen.

For those who wish to relax while sleeping,
we have prepared a new sleeper.

Relaxation bed to receive cellulums comfortably

The bed is for those who wish to use the Cellulam menu for rejuvenation, such as whitening and wrinkle removal, but it is also available for those who wish to do the NuScan while sleeping.
Available in prone and prone positions.

Of course, when you actually use the room, you can pull out a bath towel or other items to keep warm.

Gorgeous lights welcome you!

Gorgeous lights that you can't help but admire.

As you enter the room, you are greeted by gorgeous lights. There are several spheres and we always get many compliments from our guests.

Extendable table for multiple visitors.

Easy to use with extendable table.

Tables can be freely expanded to accommodate friends and family members who come to the restaurant.

Salon space is always pleasant and well purified

Space cleansed with Himalayan salt pyramid and power stones

From the oversized pyramid of rock salt to the numerous stones, crystal clusters, and organic aromas, the space is purified to create a comfortable atmosphere no matter when you visit us.

Earthing experience in a slightly unique chair

Earthing experience with electromagnetic grounding sheets

Customers who visit us are able to experience Earthing in a unique chair.
Customers who use computers and smart phones on a daily basis tend to be highly electrified.
They say, "I feel warm," "I feel kind of lazy," and "I want to sleep.