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    The God Cleaner gradually changes the color of the water and it is easy to see that it is detoxifying the body.
    I would like to receive it regularly as maintenance.
    I will gradually make improvements (lifestyle) from what I can do.
    I enjoyed the therapy while talking with you. Thank you very much.


      The God Cleaner really made me feel refreshed, lightened and very relaxed afterwards.
      Thank you very much.


        I was surprised to see the color changing and a lot of garbage floating around.
        Even if I take care of my diet and lifestyle, it accumulates.
        I would like to do regular maintenance.


          I could see and feel how much floating debris had accumulated.
          I was able to see and feel how much floating debris had accumulated.
          After the treatment, my legs felt warmer and lighter.
          Thank you very much.


            The God Cleaner produced a lot of waste even on the first try!
            It was scary powerful! I would ask for it again.


              I was interested in foot detox, so I came to the salon today looking forward to it.
              As a result, I was able to detoxify a lot (heavy metals, etc.) from my feet. I would like to continue the foot detox from time to time!


                I first experienced the God Cleaner at the recommendation of a friend.
                I was surprised that I had a lot of toxins in my body because I got great color the first time.
                I would like to detoxify my body regularly.

                  Feet feel lighter.


                    I have atopic dermatitis and low metabolism, so I was worried about detoxification. However, I was relieved to see that I was able to detoxify my body properly from the very first session.
                    I would like to continue going to your clinic in the future. Thank you very much.


                      Glad I found it right away. Keep up the good work and keep up the good work.
                      Glad it was close by.


                      I was happy.


                        I was really detoxed.
                        I was happy.


                          At first I was worried that it would come out, but I was very happy that it did.
                          I thought detox was important.


                            I experienced it for the first time in decades.
                            It was a very relaxing space, the owner was in a friendly mood, and the water was very special.
                            The water is also very special, so I felt at ease.

                            There is a reason why they are attracting attention again.
                            This time it was only for 30 minutes, but I was amazed!

                            The explanation about my physical condition afterwards was also very good. (I'm still in the middle of it).

                            I also take glutathione and other substances in patch MD and liposomes, but I was surprised at this result in 30 minutes.


                              The space was very comfortable and relaxing.
                              After the detox, my legs feel lighter.
                              The newscan was able to visualize and was further explained to me in detail.
                              I am glad I feel lighter after the session.


                                We had a good time.
                                Thank you very much.


                                  I was only there for 30 minutes today, but I was able to 3 very much.
                                  My legs felt refreshed and lighter, and I wanted to keep going back.

                                    I was surprised to see more toxins than expected.
                                    I knew I had to keep detoxing.
                                    I think it is necessary for all people on a regular basis.


                                      This was my first experience with God Cleaner.
                                      The explanation was easy to understand and very thorough.
                                      I was able to relax.
                                      Thank you very much.


                                        It was my first time to try the God Cleaner, and my feet were still warm afterwards, and I felt refreshed and light on my feet.

                                        It was the first time, but the color of the water was brown and I could feel that I was detoxifying my body.
                                        The salon is stylish and relaxing.
                                        Thank you very much.

                                          I am glad I detoxified more than I expected. I will continue to do so.