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    I was surprised and amused that I could see my current state through the monitor when I took the Newscan for the first time.
    I was able to receive a thorough therapy and my body was lighter than when I came.


      It felt good.
      I could visually see the change of 6 > 5 > 4, and I felt better after returning home.
      I was very satisfied because I could have a good experience for a while.
      I am very satisfied because I can have a good experience for a while.
      Thank you!


        This is the first time I have had a Newscan.
        It was good to know in detail about my own condition.
        The therapy was also very detailed, and the advice given was easy to understand.
        I would like to take the scan regularly.
        Thank you very much.


          I got very sleepy and dozed off and felt very refreshed afterwards.

          Thank you very much.


            It was good to know what is good and bad about myself and what works and doesn't work for me.
            Thank you for this valuable experience.


              Thank you very much for your time.
              I was able to look at areas of weakness in my overall research and
              I appreciate your advice.

              I would like to do exercises and stretches at home.
              It's a wonder I can do therapy with headphones!
              Thank you!


                It was very satisfying to see with my eyes, hear with my words, and feel with my skin the answers that I have inside me.

                I knew what I was looking for and I was fulfilled. Thank you very much.


                  It was interesting. I will try to take it in from food.
                  Thank you for listening to me a lot.


                    It was really good to know my weaknesses.


                      I didn't know such a wonderful thing existed in this world! I was surprised, impressed, thrilled, and various other feelings came out.

                      It was as if I was wrapped in something soft and warm.
                      The pain in my whole body was reduced by half, and I am so glad that I was able to experience firsthand the importance of adjusting my frequency.

                      I am looking forward to the next session.
                      Thank you very much.


                        I was able to relax and calm down after having my current body checked and adjusted with the Newscan.
                        I was able to relax and calm down mentally.
                        The voice scan showed me my current state of mind in colors, which was very interesting.
                        This therapy was also very interesting.


                          The first time I had the Newscan, it was a very strange experience.
                          I was so surprised to find out that they were right about my stress and what was wrong with my body!
                          It was the first time I came to see you about my hand, and you explained everything in a way that was very easy to understand.
                          Thank you very much.


                            I enjoyed being able to visually see the state of my body (internal organs, etc.).
                            It was good to know that my bad areas were changing quickly with the therapy.
                            Now I would like to try detox as well.


                              I was able to learn more about my body. Based on this experience, I will continue to take care of my body after I return home.


                                The actual experience was very interesting and very satisfying.
                                I would like to try it again next time with therapy.
                                Thank you very much.


                                I was seen by Newscan. I am atopic and have been off steroids for 2 years now.
                                I ate as much good food as I could and tried everything, but it didn't get better and I ended up here.

                                I had a bit of a strong reaction after the treatment, probably because I had everything done, including detoxification.
                                I did not feel that anxious about it because I was told about it beforehand.
                                I drink the water you gave me every day because it is not far from my house in Okayama to the store ^^.

                                The skin around my neck and décolleté started to peel off and became very itchy.
                                I am enduring it for now because the skin seems to gradually clean up after it itches for a while.

                                I receive regular communications from the store, so I feel like I'm not detoxing alone, but that I'm being looked after together with them.


                                Every day I try to sleep but can't and take sleeping pills.
                                When I heard that there was a store near me where I could use Newscan, I took the plunge and visited the store. I knew about wave therapy, but this was my first time actually using it.
                                I was very surprised that they could understand my feelings and emotions on a subconscious level.
                                I was so surprised that they could understand my subconscious feelings and emotions.
                                I was able to get a good night's sleep before taking my medication that day, and for the first time in a long time I felt good in the morning.
                                I will visit again, thank you very much.


                                I had atopic dermatitis several years ago, but it had already gone away without any itching of the skin or other parts of the body.
                                I usually fluctuated between days when I could move and days when I could not, perhaps because I was easily affected by changes in atmospheric pressure, and I did not drink water for an entire day or have a good appetite.
                                I also gritted my teeth at night and had a hard time falling asleep.

                                At that time, Happy Consciousness was near me, so I had a trial treatment of Newscan.
                                (That was the first time I heard about both Wave Therapy and NuScan.)
                                I didn't think it was possible, but that night I was very surprised to find that my clenching was gone and I was able to get a good night's sleep.

                                After that day, I received a lot of advice about electromagnetic grounding sheets and diet, and my appetite has greatly increased compared to before, and I am now in good health.
                                Thank you very much.


                                I was not at all interested in vibrations or spirituality, in fact, I didn't trust them very much.
                                My wife recommended that I see her at NuScan.

                                From childhood to adulthood, I had been going to the ENT all my life and had allergic rhinitis and hay fever.
                                As an adult, my hay fever symptoms have subsided considerably, but the mucous membrane of my nose itself has always been weak, and I would catch a cold easily or get acute sinusitis.
                                I was still under the care of an otolaryngologist.

                                I had a newscan and it was right about what was wrong with my body.
                                I had a therapy session, but I didn't really feel it and couldn't decide at the time if it was really good for my body.

                                Later, I had the opportunity to have another focused therapy session.
                                After about 30 minutes of work on my nasal passages, I felt that my runny nose had stopped.
                                Since then, I don't feel as skeptical as I did at first, and I can feel that something is changing in my body little by little.


                                  It was my first time in therapy and I felt relaxed.
                                  It was very good to see every part of my body.
                                  I wish I had known about it earlier.