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EveryDays with Self Care Maintenance

Detoxify and help with self-care maintenance with wave therapies such as Newscan and God Cleaner.


Happy Consciousness is a health care detox salon
that focuses on wave therapies such as NuScan and God Cleaner.

Hello, thank you for visiting the Happy Consciousness website. We appreciate the opportunity to meet you.

We operate an unwellness salon in Tennoji and Abeno, Osaka, which focuses on NuScan and God Cleaner wave therapy for health care and back aging, which leads to detoxification.

We would be happy to become a health salon that will be useful to those who are suffering from problems that cannot be solved by modern medicine alone, those who wish to live a healthy life every day, and those who have many other problems.

We strongly believe that we can help such people by focusing on other alternative therapies that do not have side effects, rather than administering medications or caffeine as a coping mechanism.

Why are quantum mechanics, wave therapy and detoxification getting so much attention now?

There are two main reasons why wave therapy and detox are attracting so much attention.

  1. There are symptoms and illnesses that cannot be dealt with only by Western medicine and other coping therapies such as drugs.
  2. In Japan, a stressful society, people need to take care of their health on a daily basis, just like going to the gym.

Maybe those with illness and pain themselves are beginning to question, research facts, and acquire knowledge.

Wave Therapy is commonplace in other countries, but not widely recognized in Japan.

In Germany, a country known for its advanced health care, the government provides medical insurance coverage for salons that use wave therapy equipment. The field of such health equipment is generally referred to as bioresonance, and is actually used by doctors in hospitals and clinics.

On the other hand, in Japan, compared to Germany, awareness of wave therapy is low due to the fact that there are few salons that offer it and that it is not covered by health insurance.

However, with the realization of wave motion through health devices such as NuScan and LifeWave, a wave motion therapy system, it is expected that awareness of wave motion will spread further in Japan in the future.

We are here to help you manage your health care

with the use of NuScan and God Cleaner. We are not just a health salon that stands for general detox. We do not simply use wave equipment such as Metatron and Newscan. We research your potential problems and provide total support from all aspects related to food, clothing, and housing, including your living environment and diet. The reason we have come up with this type of service is that there is not always a single cause of problems and pain.

Why not detoxify your body easily and efficiently and awaken your natural immunity now?


I wonder how strong my immune system is? Have you ever wondered that?
When a person's natural immunity is at its maximum, there is an amazing ability to overcome even the most difficult illnesses. I am sure you have heard that this is true.

In general, a state of immunity means the ability to return to homeostasis (homeotasis).
The ability to return to the original state, even when affected by external factors, means that the status quo can be restored.
Such a state of being is a lively, vibrant state of mind and body.

Such a state of being is a lively, vibrant state of mind and body.
Transient stress can be reversed by relaxing, but prolonged and permanent stress can lead to stress overload and eventually to illness.

To avoid such conditions, we recommend self-care and detoxification on a regular, daily basis.
It is important to use health devices such as NuScan to manage your condition. Please try it as lightly as having a cup of tea.


Happy Consciousness 7 Promises

We make seven promises to our customers so that they can use our services with peace of mind.
We aim to create a health salon that is like a café where time passes in a flash, filled with fun and laughter.
We are a health salon that appreciates the relationship with each and every one of our customers.

  • お客様との出会いを1つ1つ大切に感謝してます
    Providing health care that values each customer's relationship with us.
    We are here for you and look forward to working with you to help you manage your health.
  • We are here for you and look forward to working with you to help you manage your health.
    Mental health care with excellent follow-up services
    We believe that our relationship with our clients remains connected even after the wave therapy treatment is over. We would be happy to work with you to help you manage your health and wellness.
  • Hearing and counseling to ensure that we do not miss your concerns
    Thorough counseling from every corner
    Please allow us to identify the area or areas that are troubling you so that we can improve your discomfort as much as possible.
  • Aiming to create a peaceful space full of smiles where you can relax from the bottom of your heart.
    Aiming to create a space that somehow brings a smile to your face
    I always end up coming here because I want to have a chat over a cup of tea. We are committed to creating a store that makes you feel like "I always want to talk with you over tea.
  • The promise of reliable product sales
    Sells reliable products used by staff.
    We want to bring you reliable and shining products that can take care of your health. At Happy Consciousness, we only sell products that you can trust.
  • Always moving forward with no goal, eager to learn.

    A spirit of constant development and study to provide hospitality with professional staff.

  • We will never solicit or sell anything unreasonably.

    We will never solicit or sell anything unreasonably.

Happy Consciousness See more of our 7 Promises



Here are some comments from customers who have used our services. From the menu of wave therapy such as Newscan, God Cleaner, and Life Fave Patch, to foot pressure massage and electromagnetic grounding sheets recommended for stiff shoulders, etc.
Other comments about our restaurant are also available.
(In view of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of Japan, we do not publish reviews directly. (If there is a conflict, we may publish the review with some modifications.)

The first time I took the Newscan, my body was lighter than when I came.


    I was surprised and amused that I could see my current state through the monitor when I took the Newscan for the first time.
    I was able to receive a thorough therapy and my body w…

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    God Cleaner is gradually changing the color of the water and I would like to take it as regular maintenance.


      The God Cleaner gradually changes the color of the water and it is easy to see that it is detoxifying the body.
      I would like to receive it regularly as maintenance.
      I will gradua…

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      God Cleaner leaves me feeling refreshed and lighter afterwards!


        The God Cleaner really made me feel refreshed, lightened and very relaxed afterwards.
        Thank you very much.

        It was great to know who I am now through the voice scan.


          It was great to know who I am now through the voice scan.
          It was different from what I had thought and I will be more conscious of it from now on.
          I hope I can be more conscious …

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          I was amazed at how much debris floated away after doing the God Cleaner.


            I was surprised to see the color changing and a lot of garbage floating around.
            Even if I take care of my diet and lifestyle, it accumulates.
            I would like to do regular maintenan…

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            I did the God Cleaner.


              I could see and feel how much floating debris had accumulated.
              I was able to see and feel how much floating debris had accumulated.
              After the treatment, my legs felt warmer and l…

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              A lot of waste was released even on the first try. It was scary powerful!


                The God Cleaner produced a lot of waste even on the first try!
                It was scary powerful! I would ask for it again.

                Amazing how your voice can show who you are now!


                  Amazing how your voice can show who you are now!
                  It was interesting to see the similarities I was aware of with my son, and how they showed up on the graphs!
                  I thought it would b…

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                  I was surprised at how much you can learn about a person's personality just from their voice.


                    I was surprised at how much you can learn about a person's personality just from their voice.
                    Once again, I felt that vibrations affect places and people.

                    I was interested in foot detox, so I came to the salon today looking forward to it.


                      I was interested in foot detox, so I came to the salon today looking forward to it.
                      As a result, I was able to detoxify a lot (heavy metals, etc.) from my feet. I would like to co…

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                      First experience with God Cleaner on a friend's recommendation.


                        I first experienced the God Cleaner at the recommendation of a friend.
                        I was surprised that I had a lot of toxins in my body because I got great color the first time.
                        I would lik…

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                        Feet feel lighter.


                          Feet feel lighter.

                          It felt good. Thank you!


                            It felt good.
                            I could visually see the change of 6 > 5 > 4, and I felt better after returning home.
                            I was very satisfied because I could have a good experience for a while.
                            I am…

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                            I have atopic dermatitis, but I was relieved to be able to detoxify my body after the first session.


                              I have atopic dermatitis and low metabolism, so I was worried about detoxification. However, I was relieved to see that I was able to detoxify my body properly from the very first …

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                              Glad I found it right away. Keep up the good work and keep up the good work.


                                Glad I found it right away. Keep up the good work and keep up the good work.
                                Glad it was close by.

                                This is the first time I have had a Newscan.


                                  This is the first time I have had a Newscan.
                                  It was good to know in detail about my own condition.
                                  The therapy was also very detailed, and the advice given was easy to understand…

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                                  It was a lot of fun.


                                    It was a lot of fun.
                                    You never know what you don't know.
                                    I will come back again.

                                    I was happy.


                                      I was really detoxed.
                                      I was happy.

                                      I think I know how to face myself.


                                        I can see my body's condition on the screen as well.
                                        I think I now know how to face myself from now on.
                                        First of all, I would like to be in good physical condition for a month.

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                                        I thought detox was important.


                                          At first I was worried that it would come out, but I was very happy that it did.
                                          I thought detox was important.

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                                          Q and A


                                          What is wave motion?
                                          What is wave therapy and detoxification?
                                          What is the principle of Newscan? and so on.

                                          We also understand that first-time customers may have some concerns, so we would appreciate it if you could take a look at our questions about the salon.

                                          QI've been hearing a lot about wave therapy lately, but what is it? I am not sure. What is wave motion anyway?

                                          Waves are actually very close to our lives.
                                          For example, have you ever thrown a stone into the water at a riverside or in the ocean?
                                          At that time, you probably heard a clunking sound and saw ripples of water spreading out.
                                          In fact, this is the ripple itself.

                                          Other familiar examples are sound and light, which are also waves.
                                          We live in a world where our lives would not be possible without waves.

                                          QI would like to know the principle of wave motion.

                                          Simply put, waves are like ripples on water.
                                          Please refer to this page for an explanation.
                                          For further principles, there are a wide variety of books and research papers on the subject, so please do your own research.

                                          QI am having trouble sleeping at night. Can I improve this problem with wave therapy?

                                          We have examples of customers who have been able to sleep better not only with NuScan but also with a combination of other treatments, so please let us know your story in detail.

                                          QI have knee pain. I have pain in my knee especially when I bend over, but I would like to have it looked at with a new scan.

                                          Yes, sir. We will check your body condition with a focus on your knees. We look forward to seeing you at our store.

                                          QIs there really an aura?

                                          Our staff cannot visually see the aura, but we can confirm the condition of the aura by researching with Newscan.
                                          Auras have names, such as etheric karma, depending on their size.
                                          The smallest form of aura is an aura that is about the size of a three-meter radius when you reach out your hand.
                                          A clean aura has no dents and is beautifully egg-shaped, covering the whole body.

                                          See more frequently asked questions